Invite Dr. Julie Radlauer to Speak

Invite Dr. Julie Radlauer to Speak

Social Influences

Social Influences


Understanding the Social Influences of Mental Health

Overview of the research behind how the social aspects of our lives impact our level of happiness

Takeaways: The science behind social influences, tangible tools you can use to impact your level of happiness, where to find resources for the social influences of mental health.

Creating Social Connections and Social Support for Positive Change

There is extensive science to support that social connections impact mental health. The trouble is that people don’t know why they need connection in their lives and how to expand their connections. This training provides tangible tools to create connections in your life that will result in greater happiness.

Creating Socially Connected Leaders

Leadership is a journey of recognizing your influence. Research demonstrates that happier people are more productive, so leaders need to create a space that supports happiness. Through this talk, we demonstrate how to create a happier organization.

CONNECT. 100 Ways to Create Happiness in Your Life

This interactive training explains the science behind the social influences of mental health as well as how to utilize the CONNECT. workbook. The training is comprised of activities, tools, and techniques that can be used to increase happiness in your life as well as those around you.

You Have the Power to Save a Life

This inspirational talk breaks down the research behind our current mental health crisis and the path forward. Collectively, we all have the power to impact the mental health of ourselves and those around us.

Takeaways: research around mental health crisis, the path forward about how we can contribute to a solution, tangible tips that we can all use to support others when they are struggling

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Equitable Advancement of Support for Everyone (EASE)

This overview training educates people about the impact of structural racism on the behavioral health system. The data shared helps participants understand how this results in inequitable outcomes.

Takeaways: Understanding structural racism, recognizing the relationship with inequities, discussion of the path forward

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Expanding Natural Supports the Wraparound Way

Wraparound has always promoted the use of natural supports in the process and this talk kicks that up a notch. Behavioral health professionals struggle with how to engage natural supports and how to assist families in building supports. This training provides the tangible tools to expand support systems with families.

Takeaways: Understanding the value of supports, learning techniques to expand supports, knowing where to access resources for further knowledge on this topic.

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